The Los Angeles Women’s Collective is a Political Action Committee formed in 2016 to harness more female influence into politics and elections. We believe strongly in the collective power that women have when they are brought together to make change.

We are passionate about supporting the best candidates in the most critical races, electing more women to higher office, coalescing around important policy issues where womens’ voices can make a huge difference, and empowering more women to be political donors and use their voices (and their pocketbooks) effectively.

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave
  • Responsible Gun Policies
  • Quality Affordable Childcare and Universal Pre-K
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Economic Equality for all
  • Human Rights and Civil Rights for every person regardless of where they’re from, what they look like, or who they love.


Support women running for Governor or U.S. Senate across the nation.

Ensure that women can influence public policy and have access to political leaders.

Host fundraising and policy events with candidates and distinguished guests that are intimate and personal.

Help raise national awareness on issues that women are likely to champion and care most about.

Advocating for Women and Families

COVID-19 sent women’s workforce progress backward and the pandemic has created enormous gender, economic and racial disparities.


President Biden’s American Rescue Plan proposes necessary and transformational economic security for women, including child care and paid family and medical leave, and support for paid and unpaid caregivers.


We need your voice to help ensure that these plans make it into law.

Keep informed on our collective mission.